Open Your Home at Christmas…

We were recently listening to a local radio program. They were discussing that although Christmas is a time for family and friends, it is also a time to open your hearts and homes to others. They were encouraging people to open their homes to someone they did not know at Christmas, as this can be a hard time for those who are not with family and friends.

We agree that it is in the spirit of Christmas to do so.

We had already planned to have an open house after 2pm on Christmas Day. We have invited friends, neighbours and family, including non-christian friends, to join us. We are thrilled that we already have a friend dropping in, who is visiting from India – where we were lucky enough to be welcomed for Christmas last year.

Then being on our family gap year, we were the ones without family at Christmas.

For a long time we had been considering the idea of hosting people over Christmas. We realise that this is not an easy thing to do at such a busy time. We know and applaud the many families all across the globe who do so annually.

Partially due to the radio program we heard and partially due to our own musings, we both turned to each other this morning and decided we now feel compelled to go through with this plan.

So today we have invited Couchsurfers Paul and Anastasia from Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to join us from the 23rd and participate in our Christmas Day. We look forward to welcoming them. They have just been travelling in the South West of our state and are happy to have a home with us for Christmas.

We hope that you too will consider reaching out to someone this Christmas season…

via hosting them in your home, an offer of a cuppa or just with a smile.

Wishing all our blog readers a joyous Christmas and every dream come true in the coming year.

The Sabretoothed Chickens.